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February 2017 Update and fantastic news about our social group at The Old Library Prestatyn

Fantastic news about further enhancements to the Prestatyn Men’s Shed offering.

We are extremely pleased to announce the fantastic news that Artisans Collective have managed to secure funding to enable us to continue our social meetings at The Old Library in Prestatyn. This is in addition to the more practical activities at the “Shed”.

A huge thanks to the team at the old library as they have funded everything themselves since we moved over from Seabank drive community centre a couple of years ago. We had an initial month or so room rental paid by Prestatyn Town Council. But since then the Artisans have fully supported us in many ways.
fantastic new dementia sessions
Prestatyn Dementia Friendly Community have also announced new dementia drop in sessions at the old library each Friday at 2pm starting on March 3rd.

More details about events at the Old Library can be found here.

We are planning to help raise our profile by having an open day over the Easter holiday, more details to follow soon.

Ladbooks Mens Shed Insurance

New Premises and new support from Ladbrook Men’s Shed Insurance

Ladbooks Mens Shed Insurance

We are proud to announce that we now have possession of our new premises in Prestatyn. Also our 2016-2017 website fees are now covered by generous support from Ladbrook Insurance.

Over the coming months we will keep you updated on our progress as the building develops.

Due to the generosity of Artisans Collective CIC we will still be meeting each Tuesday morning at the Old Library from 10am.

Mind Music in Prestatyn

Music for the mind in Prestatyn

Prestatyn Town Council host Mind Music Sessions Weekly.

We are proud to be associated with Prestatyn Dementia Friendly Community via our links with Artisans Collective CIC and Sue at Prestatyn Town Council who runs Mind Music.

Music and fun at Kings Hall Prestatyn at the junction of Kings Avenue and Ffordd Pendyffryn each Wednesday morning from 10:30.

The sessions are fun. You do not have to be a great singer. Open to everybody and their carers.

Refreshments are available.

Whether it’s 60s soul, operatic arias or songs from the shows, music can soothe, stimulate and bring to mind long-forgotten memories.

The power of music

The power of music, especially singing, to unlock memories and kickstart the grey matter is an increasingly key feature of dementia care. It seems to reach parts of the damaged brain in ways other forms of communication cannot.

‘We tend to remain contactable as musical beings on some level right up to the very end of life,’ says Professor Paul Robertson, a concert violinist and academic who has made a study of music in dementia care.

‘We know that the auditory system of the brain is the first to fully function at 16 weeks, which means that you are musically receptive long before anything else. So it’s a case of first in, last out when it comes to a dementia-type breakdown of memory.’

Many music students throughout the UK, as well as more experienced musicians, now regard care home visits as part of their learning experience.

As well as being enormously beneficial to those with various forms of dementia and their carers, they can also be helpful and rewarding for the musicians themselves.

Like our good friend and supporter George who takes part whenever he can.

Amazing results

Paul Robertson recalls playing for a former church organist with advanced dementia. ‘She was very far gone, no language, no recognition. Someone started singing a hymn and this woman sat down at the piano, found the right key and accompanied the singer in perfect order.’

Cellist Claire Garabedian, who is studying the effects of live and recorded music on people with dementia at the University of Stirling, has also seen for herself the transformation of people who may appear to be in a vegetative state. ‘Even when someone can no longer talk,’ she says, ‘music becomes an avenue for communication and engagement.

It seems to access parts of the brain that remain unaffected by the ravages of dementia.’

Claire believes more could be done to harness music therapies for end-of-life palliative care. ‘This is a growing population and there is a real need now for non-pharmaceutical solutions.’

For more information contact Sue Edwards at Prestatyn Town Council  Phone: 01745 857185

May 2016 Planters in Prestatyn

May 2016 at Men’s Shed Prestatyn

May potentially be our busiest month so far.

We have lots of community related activities based in Prestatyn in May 2016.

We are proud that some of our team have received Dementia friends training and we are looking forward to helping promote Dementia awareness week in May.

We are also working with Artisans Collective CIC who are chairing and facilitating the local group who are working towards our community in Prestatyn becoming dementia friendly in 2016.

We are participating in Voluntary Arts Week activities with some fantastic work to brighten up our community.

Including a display at the Scala cinema in Prestatyn and inside and outside of our premises The Old Library on Nant Hall Road., including Yarn bombing and garden art.

CraftBomb-logo-2016-for-partners May

We love Grow Wild and so do our community and visitors to our town judging by last years response to the small kids patch of wild flowers last year.

So this year with Support from Kew Gardens we are going much bigger with displays around our locality. Including work by Men’s Shed Prestatyn who we are also working on Projects for Friends of Prestatyn Railway station.

The first signs of growth are visible today the first of May, during the month we are expecting to see the first flowers appear.

May 2016 Planters in Prestatyn
Members who helped build the planters

May grow wild logo

Artisans Collective are also hosting  the start of walks during the first day of the 12th annual Prestatyn & Clwydian Range Walking Festival on Friday 20th, which continues to grow each year with visitors from all over the UK and overseas.

A firmly established event providing FREE guided walks for all ages and abilities, ranging from all day treks to easier strolls with some special themes. Fun and adventure for all the family in the great outdoors.

Finally on May 30th we will be integrated within the Prestatyn Car show held alongside our meeting place at the Old Library.

All of this alongside usual group activities plus preparing for Wales in Bloom the Royal Horticultural Society’s ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’ Campaign.

Do not forget the Stop Smoking sessions each Tuesday Evening from 5pm !!!

Wild About Prestatyn with Artisans Collective

Growing Wild Flowers across our area

Grow Wild LogoOur challenge

To promote the health and well being effects of naturally beautiful wild flower areas, particularly during a period where local authorities are cutting funding, community art & craft groups will be enhancing the area’s

What we’re doing

Spreading the grow wild theme across our locality, by utilising the skills and imagination of our various community groups, including our Men’s shed building planters to add wild flowers to areas of our High street

How to get involved

Please come and visit us for a chat at The Old Library in Prestatyn, join us on a outdoor work party, or join one of our community groups that will be featuring lots of wild flower themed activities during 2016

Who can enjoy our site

Everybody in our locality will see wild flowers that are not normally seen in towns. From the seaside to the hillside and alongside a national trail we will be painting a picture with the natural colours of nature.

More details about the project can be found at the webpage Wild About Prestatyn

We have been commissioned by Artisans Collective to manufacture a number of planters for use across Prestatyn that will be planted with a mixture of  flowers.

Summer wildflower meadow of Papaver – Poppies, Leucanthemum – Ox-Eye Daisies and Chrysanthemum segetum – Corn Marigolds and Centaurea cyanus – Cornflowers

In the UK we’re lucky to have some amazing wildflowers, but they’re in danger: we have lost 98% of wildflower meadows since the 1930s.

This not only means less colour in our lives but it’s impacting on populations of butterflies, bees, pollinating bugs and birds.

We believe that the simple act of sowing UK native wildflowers can make a difference – and that it can bring neighbourhoods together, connect people to nature and boost our wellbeing.

First 2016 meeting a New Year with New Horizons

First meeting of 2016

First Prestatyn Men's Shed logo
First Prestatyn Men’s Shed Logo

First of all hello we hope you have all had a good Christmas and New Year break and are looking forward to joining us again in 2016

We are looking forward to our meeting  tomorrow Tuesday 12th January 2016 at Artisans Collective in The Old Library Art Craft and Heritage Centre in Prestatyn.

A warm welcome awaits for members new and existing.

On the agenda.

The Sled that we made for Prestatyn Town Council for use at their Christmas Grotto will need to be disassembled.

Any prospective projects idea’s for 2016 can be discussed.

An exciting year is in store with us possibly moving into new premises in the spring.